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VR 360 Degree Machine

Product description and features of vr 360degree machine: vr 360degree machine will grow rapidly in 2017, is a new high-tech masterpiece entertainment product after 5D/7D cinema. It is a combination of virtual reality display and electrical electromagnetic suspension movement platform, it can...

Product description and features of vr 360degree machine:

vr 360degree machine will grow rapidly in 2017, is a new high-tech masterpiece entertainment product after 5D/7D cinema.
It is a combination of virtual reality display and electrical electromagnetic suspension movement platform,

it can make players feel like in the game, like the virtual world of the matrix, compared with special effects theater,
VR display support users interact through a variety of interaction equipment and 3 d virtual reality environment,

improve users’ immersive experience , compared with large screen display scheme based on video collection,

it’s a technology without any color distortion, the bandwidth constraints or the system delay.
360 degree visual angle experience, have better sense experience than IAMAX. With VR equipment,

your view will deep into the magic world in screen, through to the fictitious world, can experience the happy and stimulation that cannot feel in real world.

Advantage of vr 360degree machine

1.Attractive egg design

2.Full HD Immersive vr glasses

3.Intelligent shooting handles 

4.Various vr movies & games, with English version

5.Professional movies production team

6.With Financial System 

7.Professional 9D Experience store design

8.Super Product warranty  


How to play the vr 360degree machine?    

First , Sit on the egg chair and then put on your seat belt.
Second ,Wear the VR Glasses.
Third ,The other person use the kiosk and select the game using the selection button.
Fourth, Then you can start enjoying the game.88pcs movies for your option.



Shared by our customer about vr 360degree machine :

9d virtual reality equipment experience device has 1seat, 2seat, 3seat and more seat.we assume that the choice of the2seat, of course, we can also set up a virtual museum experience into 4, 6 or 8 people.

Since VR virtual reality experience device is the latest technology, people will rush to experience, the price can be set at $5-$10.Every time VR movie is 5-10 minutes, every hour can probably have six batches of spectators



Profit Analysis

Total Profit($)

One Day


$960 for 2seats

One Month


$28800 for 2seats



Q1: What kind of payment method support?? 



Q2: What is the type of your movies? 

A: Horror,thriller,cartoon,race movies ect. 


Q3: What is the difference between 9D VR cinema and 5D/7D/8D cinema?

There are 4 main differences:
1. There is no need screen and projectors in 9D VR cinema. Just wear the VR glasses,then feel what you see.
2. The players in 9D VR cinema can fully immersive.
3. Don't need cabin for the cinema,can be installed both indoor and outdoor
4. Small space required , easy to move and management


Q4:How long will it takes to deliver goods from china to my country?

A:As for the time different port is different. Generally speaking, it’s about one month by sea.











5.Glasses resolution:1080*1920


6.Environmental effects:Back poke, Vibration, Air jet, Leg touch 7.Type of your movies:Horror, Thriller, Cartoon, Race movies ect. 8.The length of the film:5-10 minutes for every movie


9.Touch screen control:19 inch or 42 inch touch screen

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