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Virtual Reality Machine

Product description and features of virtual reality machine : virtual reality machine,also call VR Gatling fighting simulator ,adopt the space location system, motion capture system of HTC VIVE, combine with VR glasses and 3D game closely, completely achieve the separation that the head unit...

Product description and features of virtual reality machine:

virtual reality machine,also call VR Gatling fighting simulator ,adopt the space location system, motion capture system of HTC VIVE, combine with VR glasses and 3D game closely, completely achieve the separation that the head unit control the game vision and the hand control the game instruments. The player can performance freely in the virtual space without body limitation. Fully immersive experience of gun shooting, the users can get thrilling and exciting.

1. Cool appearance, powerful weapons, attractive more player
2. Gatling swing with the game screen is highly consistent, there is a strong sense of immersion;
3. Military, cartoon, science fiction theme ,Feel the best shooting experience;
4. Support the button to select, start, stop the game and view the game description, players can self-help complete the game, easy to operate;
5.Comes with 42 inch big screen synchronization game screen, play promotional video and display the game description;
6. The fuselage comes with locator installation position, without additional positioning device.


Easy to play  virtual reality machine :

Put some coins into coin box or Wechat payment,Wear high resolution vr glasses,started by HTC vive handle.



1. how about the player age for virtual reality machine?
It’s suitable for 8-65years old for playing

2. if the coins box is fit for coins from different countries? 
Yes,we will follow your country coins to install coin box for you.

3:Where i can run virtual reality machine?

A:Shopping mall,amusement park, kid's club,theater, theme park ,around the school without any limits.

4.can you book hotel for me if I visit your factory??

Yes,we can book a hotel to you,also can book train ticket to you if you need.


1. name: 9D VR shooting simulator


2. Size: 130*130*260cm


3. Power:1500w


4. Rate current:10A


5.Accessories:HTC suit(glasses a vice,handle,locator) 6.Voltage:110V-260V

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