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9D VR Shooting Simulator

Product description and features of 9D VR shooting simulator : 9D VR shooting simulator,also call VR Gatling shooting machine, makes players get into character in one second, incarnating brave warrior to get through the line of fire. Unparalleled VR immersion experience mode, combined with the...

Product description and features of 9D VR shooting simulator:

9D VR shooting simulator,also call VR Gatling shooting machine, makes players get into character in one second, incarnating brave warrior to get through the line of fire. Unparalleled VR immersion experience mode, combined with the super pleasure brought by the Gatling machine gun which full of lethal levels. The thrilling level comparable to the real battlefield hail of bullets. 

Precision position by 720°,high definition with fancy controller,you would know the cruel and stimulate of the battlefield. 

VR Gatling shooting machine can be fully integrated with  the virtual battlefield environment , it will rage a more immersion sense of the game experience. The Gatlin machine gun with the rotation and vibration effect  , can make you really "lost" in the virtual war, frantically toward the turbulent enemy of the fire.

VR Gatling easy to learn in the operation and get started fast.That’s because of the type of game determined ,to attract players of the game which must be intuitive simple and crude.

We only need to wear VR head , In the realistic scene,, press the button to fire the enemy!

In order to create the best advertising effects for potential experience, We specifically prepared a super big LED screen. The Interesting games will show up on the LED screen, it will catch every motion and each viewing dimension of the game experience, will attract millions of consumers.

VR Gatlin has its own special advantage with different experiencing effects, Will definitely win the market and create more and more profit!!!


Easy to play vr gun shooting game  :

Put some coins into coin box or Wechat payment,Wear high resolution vr glasses,started by HTC vive handle.



1.  how can I purchase 9d vr shooting simulator?

Pls send me inquiry or tell me your quantity,we will make the order price list to you.

2. how to install after I get it? 

We will send your operate manual,it’s easy to install.

3. do you have CE for 9d vr shooting simulator

We don’t have CE now,but if you need,we can also make it for you.

4. What is the shipment price?

You can send us inquiry or contact us with the port you want,then we will calculate it for you.


1. name: 9D VR shooting simulator


2. Size: 130*130*260cm


3. Power:1500W


4. Rate current:10A


5.Accessories:HTC suit(glasses a vice,handle,locator) 6.Voltage:110V-260V

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