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Rides on Robot

Welcome to our new design Iron man’ world. How many colors do you have? 5 colors for options, most popular color is yellow and blue. Details for rides on robot Where can I operate rides on robot? >It’s widely used in commercial field, plaza,supermarket,game center,tourist areas,outdoor...


Welcome to our new design Iron man’ world.

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How many colors do you have?                         

5 colors for options, most popular color is yellow and blue.




Details for rides on robot 




Where can I operate rides on robot?                      

>It’s widely used in commercial field, plaza,supermarket,game center,tourist areas,outdoor park,indoor&outdoor playgrounds, any places with high flow of people.

>For commercial events, school events, company annual meeting


How does rides on robot work?                               

1.Play mode 

Play mode:Start with remote control or Swipe card,Single machine or multi machine shooting interactive play

Demo mode:When starting the demo mode,the machine will rotate with circles automatically,at the same time accompanied by music and lights flash,the show time is 1 min ,intervals for 1 min. Pressing the remote control or touching the joystick causes exiting the demo mode


2.Operation instructions 

Operation manner:Double Potentionmeters Rocker,Push the rockers forward at same time,machine will move forward,Push the rockers backward,machine will move backward,when push one rocker forward,another backward,machine will rotate left and right. 

Brake mode:When releasing the rocker(At this moment the rocker reset is in the middle position),the machine stop outputing power,machine is sliding depends on  inertia(<1m),Please push the rocker to the opposite direction for emergency brake.


Radar function

When there are obstacles in front of the machine,the machine will stop moving,However,machine can move to directions without obstacles.The machine can not moving on until the obstacles is removed.When the machine backwards has obstacles,machine will stop moving backwards,at this moment you can only move forward the machine.



1. Is it battery operated?

Yes, it’s battery *2 pieces, 24V/40AH, it can last for 4-6 hours per charging.

2. How long it need to charge?

Generally it need to charge 12 hours first time and 8 hours per time in the future.

3. Can it make in coins ?

Yes, please confirm it before order.


Name of product

         Rides on robot          

HS code


Size of product


Color options


Operated way

         Remote control




For charging plug, we have 220V/110V for options

Battery type

Lithium - based batteries(Lead  acid)  (DC24V/40AH)     

Charger plug options

American standard, Euroupean standard,will confirm before production

Charging time

First time for 12 hours, general for 8 hours

Working time



12 months

Function list

1. music , we have 1 Gb SD card for music download,you can choose your favorite music

2. Remote control, one remote con control 14 machines

3 . Can riding around for fun

Package way

1.bubble pack----for protecting from water damage 
2.stretch film---- for protecting from corrosion 
3.wood crate-----for protecting from hitting and rocking 

Packed  info


2.Measurement :4.2CBM

3.Gross Weight:250kgs
20ft container: 4pcs     40HQ container: 9pcs


CE , MSDS report

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