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Playground Design

From small scale to large playground, we offer wide range of playground suggestions for Buyer to decide based on playground size. 

The fence can be made by steel pipe and wrapped with foam or rubber to be printed in white and yellow or yellow and blue stripes. 

Required Playing space suggestion: 

10 m2 each machine for small ride, for example, kid prince motor,kid bumper car

15 m2 each machine for bigger ride,for example, robot ride,happy car, inflatable bumper car. 

The ticket office is set nearby entrance. 

More support needed ,Please contact with our sales team.

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2.jpg400_副本(001).jpg 500_副本(001).jpg


600-2_副本(001).jpg 700_副本(001).jpg


主图_副本.jpg 主图_副本.jpg

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