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Beach Buggy Racing Games

Product description and features: 1.beach buggy is an entertainment motor vehicle with powerful motor wheels, and wide tires, designed for use on sanddunes, beaches, or desert recreation. It is also called a "Dune Buggy". There are 4 pieces battery for dune buggies,It is battery...

Product description and features:

1.beach buggy is an entertainment motor vehicle with powerful motor wheels, and wide tires, designed for use on sanddunes, beaches, or desert recreation. It is also called a "Dune Buggy". There are 4 pieces battery for dune buggies,It is battery operated,so no need gasoline is safer to player and good for environment. motor is 500W,very powerful for game competition.

2.Beach Buggy Racing is among the better arcade-style racing Amusement ride,Sensitive brake make beach buggy vehicle more safe.Strong and bigger body can bear 2player.4 big wheels drive with a nice smooth ride.Enjoy easy traveling up and down the dunes without getting bogged down.

3.Equipped with dual 27W front LED spotlight plus dual 35W four headlights, let the night bright as the daytime without being dark. Molded more beautiful appearance and higher performance.  

4.Ride amusement dune buggy at beaches. A fun game with good drive experience to keep player moving for everywhere,even for daily use.


How to play Beach Buggy racing games:

1.Turn on power switch,started by key or remote control.

2.Operate accelerator handle,beach buggy will go forward or backward by direction choice button at right side handle.stopped by brake handle or loose accelerator handle.

3.When facing someone while player enjoy driving the beach car,please press

the horn, at nighttime,please turn on the 4 headlight if needed.


Product Application of beach buggy racing games:

Site construction:make business site economical and environmentally friendly, operator can use old tires to build track for dune buggy. If playground site is large enough, operator can make dune buggy site as below picture, surrounded by a U-shaped bend, so that player can better enjoy the riding.

Ticket charges: operator can set the playing time 1-99minutes. According to our client feedback.usually set US$5/5min, US$9/10min(According to the economic level of each country)


FAQ of beach buggy racing games:

1. Q: Do you have the products in stock?

A: Yes. Depend your quantity,the colors,your special request.


2.Q: Can I mix different models in one container?

 A: Yes, different models can be mixed in one container,we will calculate it for you.


3. Q: Do you test all your goods before delivery?

A: Yes, we have 100% test before delivery


4. Q: Can we operate by coins?

A: Yes, our machine usually start by remote. if you need,we can install coin box for you.


5. Are you a beach buggy racing games source factory?

Yes. We are the source factory for beach buggy in China!




2.Net weight:120kgs            

3.working time:4-5Hours                                        

4.Charging time:6-8hours

5.Voltage:48V  DC                                   




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