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Unusual F1 Racing Experience In Cairo
Oct 23, 2017

In China, running karting rage is very popular all the time.Recently, In another country with long history,Egypt, similar things happen. in Cairo City , Fun City Park, We found the amusement F1 racing cars are very exciting and many players who want to experience REAL F1 feel very happy . This is a new simulation F1 racing car, experience and sound of the organic combination, fully meet each player's RACING car dream.



This is an outdoor venue. The racing tracks are built with fence by the used tires, it’s low cost but safe.

Vehicles are installed with bumper fence in front and backside of racing bar, the player needs to wear a helmet before racing, Look, this boy is enjoying the speed and passion.


Recommended players height are higher than 120cm for easy operation

图片3.png 图片3.png

According to customer feedback, since F1 racing car project is operated, the park's popularity surge a lot, sometimes, player are awaiting experience it even 1hours .the customer is very satisfied with the product.This amusement F1 Racing car are made by Guangzhou Huaqin Playground equipment co.,ltd(


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