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The Game Machine That Make You To Become A Wealthy Person In Guatemala
Jun 29, 2018


The game machine that make you to become a wealthy person in Guatemala




The content of this article will benefit those of you who are starting to educate yourself about investing in game machine market and want to better understand how you can grow your money by investing in our products.

Here we analyze the sales of our company to Guatemala in the past two years:

In 2016, we exported 5pcs Iron Man robot and 6pcs Happy car to Guatemala. Guatemala’s customers placed Iron Man in a mall and placed the happy car in an outdoor place. The machine was set up for 5 minutes and charged $5. In two different places, there are about 100 tourists visiting each day. The boss can make $1,000 a day.



Because of making good profits, in 2017, the boss continued to purchase 5pcs Iron Man robot and 2pcs new machines, 3D horse ride. Continue to expand his business and become a wealthier boss.

In 2017, another boss bought 6pcs for his game center, after experiencing the Iron Man robot and Happy car in Guatemala, had also been surveyed for several days and felt that our game machine were very popular for children and adults and was worth investing in.He finally found it through the Internet, found and contacted us. Because our products are our own R&D and design, we have patent certificates and are unique products. We also cooperate with many foreign trade companies, but their prices are generally much higher than our factory.


In 2018, a game designer purchased 5pcs RC small armored robot ride. He also experienced our Iron Man robot in Guatemala and was very interested in our Iron Man robot. So he came to visit our company from Guatemala, because his funds are limited, he decided to buy a small robot first, after make money, and then expand his business step by step.


If you are thinking about how to earn the first bucket of gold in your life, contact us immediately and we will give you ideas to help you start your business journey.