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Thanks Wal-Mart Supermarket In Guilin, Guangxi’ Purchase And Share With Huaqin Amusement Equipment
Jun 07, 2018

Generally, the entrance to the supermarket is a good place where people's traffic flows gather together. In order to better increase the number of people,It is quite necessary to place some recreational facilities for their entertainment.


Guilin Wal-Mart supermarket to better attract customers, purchased some interesting equipment from Guangzhou Huaqin Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. (abbreviation Huaqin Amusement) including: Amusement Iron Man, Prince Motor Cars, music lebars happy car, etc.

Huaqin Amusement is a manufacturing company specializing in R&D and sales of amusement equipment.


After 14 years of hard work, the company grew from a little-known company to a leading company in amusement industrial.

The company has always pursued "technological innovation, customer-oriented" purpose.

The workshop adopts standard 8S management. Products are passed from raw material procurement to product shipment.

All levels, strict testing, and strive to give customers satisfied with the product. In technological innovation,the company has more than 30 R&D engineers, including as many as 5 senior engineers.

On the design of the product's shape, to the internal structure of the product, have been repeatedly thought by the engineer

Not only to consider the convenience of product operation, but also to ensure the product's environmental protection and playability.

Hua Qin Amusement will launch a number of amusement products popular with customers every year, such as this year’s Plaza Walking robots, amusement princes motorcycles, etc., once launched, caused a strong reaction in the market.

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