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Robot Series: Best Ivestment With Best Equipment Match
Jun 07, 2018

As the leader in the amusement equipment industry in South China, Guangzhou Huaqin Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.(abbreviation: Huaqin Amusement), has been committed to the development and manufacturing of amusement equipment.


With people's standard of living has been gradually improved, material life is no longer the main position, but more pursuits ,a spiritual and entertaining life. Huaqin amusement is always improving people’s spiritual entertainment in Unremitting efforts.


Huaqin Amusement never forgets that innovation is the fundamental way for a company to survive, companies can survive for a long time only with the launch of customer-friendly products. For this reason, the company’s products are invested a lot of manpower and material resources. Every year, new and funny equipment is launched.


And many clients operate well and share with us. Such as an indoor recreation project in Anhui Huaibei,purchase 2 models in robot series, Iron man and kids Iron man(also called Triangle Robot), the product has been widely accepted.

The customers' favorite will appear in places with large traffic such as playgrounds, scenic spots and squares.

Welcome to inquire us and give us a chance to cooperate!