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Prince Motorcycle In Shandong Lingshan Village
Jun 14, 2018

Guangzhou Huaqin Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Huaqin Amusement) is a Prince motorcycle designed and developed for the protection of the universe. It is deeply loved by the children of Lingshan Community in Tai’an City, Shandong Province.

Plaza Prince Motorbike is an amusement device that can also be called the Prince Motorbike, the future chariot motorcycle, etc. Its design inspiration comes from future futuristic warriors that protect the universe.

The overall body adopts a streamlined design and the arc-shaped seat.


With stainless steel reflective wheels, all emit light. The front of the seat is equipped with a high-definition display to keep track of the running status of the car, and the dynamic sound effects have greatly enhanced the entertainment atmosphere. The music that you can download as you like.Not only that our Prince motorcycle is also designed with cool lights, with dynamic music, flashing dazzling lights, so that you instantly become a bright star.


Huaqin Amusement is a company with 14 years experience in R&D design and sales of amusement equipment. The company is equipped with a powerful design and R&D department, a spacious and bright production plant, and a showroom of more than 2,000 square meters. Since the company was founded, it has always insisted on "technological innovation. "Integrity-based" business philosophy not only introduces new products year after year, but also regards customer first as the quality and after-sales aspect of products.

Only by designing products and selling products from the customer's standpoint can the company survive long-term governance.


Now many districts are equipped with a variety of amusement equipment, so that not only attracting more people to stay in the community, but also enriching the entertainment life of the people in the community. For this reason, the Plaza Prince motorcycles produced by Hua Qin are very Suitable for such places as residential areas, scenic spots, and squares. Since the launch of the Prince Edward Motorcycle in our market, it has been very popular with customers. Whether it is a big friend or a small child, they like to play. Currently, the monthly shipments have reached more than a thousand units, and many foreign friends have also been attracted to purchase.