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One Of The Profitable Equipment In Kids Ride
Mar 27, 2018

When we were young, we had dreamed of having a fast car that could be driven. It was ours. 

Our children may have been the same as ours, tried to ride a bike with us and sat down in front of us, looking ahead at the scenery. 

As we get more and more busy,it is now very rare. Now,If we want to take the child to ride a motorcycle, the Hua Qin Amusement Prince motorcycle can make you enjoy the ride.

Open switch of machine and use the remote control to start the device. 

The throttle is the right handle, which uses the Hoare throttle handle imported from Taiwan, speed up the handle, and the motorcycle moves forward, and it will have the simulated sound effect to attract the players. There is a speed control button below the right handle, players adjust the speed. 

The brakes can be instantly braked simply by pulling on the left brake handle. 

The brake system uses electronic brakes and drum brakes. 

Pulling the right handle can also be used to whistle, making it easy to play.

Let enjoy the fun riding time with our kids, share the sweetest memory in our life.

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