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New Listing! Motorboats Is Surfing On Land In Rampage!
Apr 11, 2018

New listing! Motorboats is Surfing on land in rampage!


Motorboats are commonly used for recreation or racing. Boat racing is a sport where drivers and engineers compete for fastest boat.

High performance speedboats can reach speeds of over 50 knots. Their high speed and performance can be attributed to their hull technology and powerful engine. With a more powerful and heavier engine, an appropriate hull shape is needed.High performance boats include yachts, HSIC (high speed interceptor craft) and racing powerboats.

Now we have a totally new amusement battery riding machine which can play on land ,2 players at most.

Our motorboat is not only has the handsome appearance of the water motorcycle, but also has the characteristics of low technical requirements and shore surfing, the player is more safe to play. With strong air cushion, it can play as bumper car. Its very safe with seat belt.Just drive into another motorboat!