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Motorboat In Singapore Large Carnival Events
Jun 22, 2018

As a leader in the amusement equipment industry, Huaqin Amusement not only guarantees product quality and after-sales service, but also considers the new self-developed equipment for old and new clients, with a different configuration color, so that customers have more choices.


Here we would like to share with you our motor boat, it's a new model since 2017 Sept GTI expo, this model can be used for racing bumper car, simulated motor boat, our item is played on land, smooth floor.

Material: Fiberglass Players <=2 ,

game time can be set from 1 min - 99mins,

Battery working time: 6 H ,

charging time: 12 H( First three times), 8 H in normal

After being promoted through online and offline channels, many customers were attracted by their designs and functions, and they tried to operate and achieved very good profits. The sales in the country were very good. The figure below shows the pictures produced by the factory.



At present, foreign markets have not yet seen this new product, I believe that the promotion in the future will also cause strong feedback on the market, this product is currently only Singapore, Romania.


Welcome to consult it, become your country's unique Amusement equipment, the profits that come after this mustnt be underestimable!