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Kiddie Amored Vehicle Products Introduction
Mar 16, 2018

The best way to earn money from the boys is through by Kiddie Amored Vehicle..

Most of the boys loved Goku and Transformers-like animations when they were kids. Gundam and Transformersrobots were full of science and technology. Their outspoken military values made them become male gods and they were eager to become like them. In the same way, many boys still love Transformers and Gundam after they grow up, and express their love for robots through collections.

The appearance of the kiddie armored vehicle has a strong sense of science and technology. The styling is also quite cool. The boys stand up and put on exclusive masks for the mechs. They superbly make the boys enter the state for one second and become the most dazzling robot warriors.


With the device turning on , the stunning neon blue waterproof light bar gives the sense of technology a full sense of the future. The high-quality sound produced by Philips Hua Qin's custom high-bass and double-speaker makes the mechs alive. Boys fight side by side with partners.

In order to play safe, you need to fasten the seat belt around your back before you play, and you will be able to enjoy playing after you have fastened your seat belt!

Press the rocker's square forward button at the same time to control the armored person to move forward while pressing the rocker's circular back button to control the line. One joystick before or after (just a single joystick operation to control the machine) ,it will turn left/right. When the button is released, the machine will stop.


The control method is simple, and the game is novel and interesting. Every boy will memorize the mechs, remember them, and can't wait to become a robotic warrior again, fighting side by side with the amored vehicle.

Wear a mask and the armored person will always be with you!


Product specification:

1, size: 900*680*1100mm

2, the maximum power: 240W, operating voltage: DC24V

3Charging time: charge for 12 hours three times before first use, normal charge for 10 hours

4, Net weight: 53KG, maximum load weight: 50KG

6. Operating speed: fast 3km/h, medium speed 2.5km/h, slow speed 2km/h