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Iron Man In Indoor Shopping Mall In Chengdu City,SiCuang Province
Jun 14, 2018

The word “Iron man” comes from a sci-fi adventure movie about the story of an inventor inventing a high-tech armor and defending the earth. Hua Qin enjoys the theme and independently developed the Iron Man series in 2016. Once launched, it received strong market response.

The following picture shows an indoor amusement project in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province. Huaqin Amusement Iron and Steel Mania has been the leader in this amusement project, attracting a large number of gamers, stop-watchers and photo-taking friends.


Iron Man model

At present, Hua Qin Iron Man have adult and child model, adult version of Iron Man has up to five colors to choose from. Huaqin Amusement has always adhered to the business philosophy of “Integrity First, Customer-Oriented”. The design is based on the user's point of view. Both operators and players can be fun.


Robocop Model

At the beginning of the design, the operator's convenience is taken into consideration. Since amusement equipment is basically found in places with high traffic, it is a key factor to directly reflect whether or not amusement equipment is popular with operators.

kids iron man blue.jpg

Kids Iron man model(Triangel robot)

Our amusement iron man adopts a unique remote control design. Multiple machines can be automatically turned on and off with only a small remote control. It is very suitable for many places such as squares, scenic spots, and playgrounds. Of course, we also have The original coin operator method, so that the dual-mode start-up way would greatly ensure the ease of operation of the machine. For players, each machine is equipped with a seat belt and a full-range radar sensor system. When an obstacle is encountered, a warning alarm sounds immediately, allowing the player to change the direction of the game at any time to ensure safety.


Kiddie amored vehicle model

There are more robot styles to choose from, welcome to inquire!