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Iron Man & Happy Car In Guangxi Walking Street
Jun 14, 2018

Lingshan Pedestrian Street in Guangxi belongs to Lingshan County. It is a very prosperous pedestrian street with a daily flow of more than 10,000 passengers.


As the operators further enrich people's spiritual and recreational life, they decided to introduce a group of amusement equipment from our company.Loved by local people, many friends of different ages like to play。

Yes, our amusement products take into consideration everything from the customer's experience from the very beginning of design. Only customers who say that this thing is fun and worth playing are truly good products. We have also been working hard in this direction.


The amusement equipment operators at Lingshan Pedestrian Street of Guangxi not only purchased more than one luxury Happy lebar car from our company, but also purchased our main product, Iron Man (also called square walking robot, amusement robot, square robot, etc.). It is also very Loved by players, especially by children, many children play many times.


Of course, our products not only consider guests,the user's experience, but also to consider the ease of operation in the business, just a remote control can control all the robots, the operation is really very convenient.


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