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Iron Man And Motocycle In Guangxi (biggest Shopping Mall)
Jun 07, 2018

Yintai City, located in Liuzhou Guangxi, the first landmark-level riverside fashion mall in Liuzhou, the main building with an area of 91,000 square meters, it is a collection of fashion, leisure, shopping and entertainment complex. Yintai City has hundreds of fashion boutiques and specialty food and beverage outlets, Life support related stores, and equipped with children's parent-child experience space, leisure and entertainment facilities, etc.


The flow of people can reach tens of thousands of people.Among them, in order to better increase people's leisure and entertainment life, Yintai City specially purchased from Guangzhou

Huaqin Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Huaqin Amusement) a variety of amusement equipment, such as the Plaza Walking robots, Prince motorcycles, Le Bars Happy car, etc.


Guangzhou Huaqin Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd., the company is a large-scale amusement device for research and development, production and sales in Guangdong and even in the whole country.Since its establishment, the company has been upholding the principles of technological innovation and customer first.Years will launch some products that detonate the amusement industry.


Iron Man is also known as square walking robot and amusement robot. It is 2016 Hua Qin.The product appearance is very tall and mighty, lights are Cool and shining, full-featured radar sensor,  is a high-end stylish and safe amusement equipment .It's easy to start the game with remote control.

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