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Indian Client Can't Await To Test The Bumper Car
Oct 23, 2017

Indian customers are playing Spaceship bumper car in HuaQin company

——Huaqin equipment,make life happier
                                                                       Date: Dec,2nd,2016
Yesterday, two Indian customers regardless of the impact of typhoon, decided to come to Guangzhou HuaQin Playground Equipment Co., Ltd. (referred to as: HuaQin company) on-site inspection of our equipment and try our Spaceship Bumper car , they’re enjoy themselves very much


Our customers are all over the world ,our products is very popular since they come out.Huaqin company to improve its infrastructural level from "made in China" to "created in China" and to "intelligent manufacturing in China". Of course, with the establishment of the "global village", people's communication distance is getting shorter and shorter, to find their own needs is also more and more easy, so how to make the products of the Hua Qin company stand out in a number of amusement equipment manufacturers?

Huaqin company in the market above can be so popular with customers, which are inseparable with the HuaQin generation of efforts . With 14 years of experience in design, R & D and production, Huaqin Amusement is a large-scale indoor and outdoor amusement equipment manufacturer in China. Whether it is from product shape or interior design, it adopts scientific design, not only in science and technology Entertainment part, but also environmental protection. The company has been pursuing "integrity first, customer-oriented" to business philosophy, pay close attention to product quality, strict control of all aspects of production, And strive to let customer satisfaction. We are pay much attention to after-sales service. The company develops more than 10 years, not only has a high reputation and credibility in the industry, but also has a number of product invention patents, such as: Happy car, Prince Motor, bumper car and so on.Only under the premise of constant innovation and efforts, Huaqin company can have today's results.

The company's main products are: Square walking robot (Iron Man), Le bar car, spaceship inflatable bumper car, children Prince motorcycle, if you are interested in our products, please call us:+86-020-87365415.