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How To Maintain Battery Of Game Machines
Jan 11, 2018

“What can I do to keep my batteries longer?” many people ask. 

As know well,battery for amusement game machine is generally lead acid battery.

Then we can do for prolonger the battery life, we can list as follows:

Best way to charge: Applying saturated charge to prevent sulfation can remain on charge with correct float voltage.

Charge methods:

1.Constant voltage to 2.40–2.45/cell, 

2.float at 2.25–2.30V/cell, 

3.Battery should stay cool, fast charge possible. 

5.Charge time 14–16h.


  1. Can endure high peak currents.

  2. Avoid full discharges.

  3. Charge after each usage.

How to prolong battery:

  1. Limit deep cycling;

  2. Do not deep-cycle starter battery.

  3. Apply fully saturation charge.4. Avoid heat.


  1. Keep cells at >2.05V. 

  2. Apply topping charge** every 6 months to prevent sulfation.

Disposal:Toxic. Do not dispose. 

Our company battery all is purchased from regular supplier,with MSDS report in good quality, in the meanwhile, our charger has protection function, when battery is full, then it will stop to charge, the charge we use is large electric current,it's safe for charging.


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