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How To Get Rid Of Bad Supplier With Poor Quality Products In Game Machine Industrial
Mar 16, 2018

Many foreign friends will use Chinese products because they are really good and cheap. There are many creative game devices supplier in the Guangdong region and the Zhejiang region. These two are the largest amusement device cities in Asia, but they are uneven currently on the market. Some are relatively small workshops, some are relatively large factories, or trading companies, then customers need to buy amusement equipment products in China, you have to pay attention.

1. The company's attributes, the company's main product business and organization system, whether it is a direct sales factory or a distributor, whether the organizational structure is completed, research and development department, engineering department, PMC control the market freshness and quality of products.

- You can access the company's official website to contact the business sales to get the factory video, with a company logo, the company's company preview video link is as follows:


2. Years of sales platform, participation in industry exhibitions, membership of IAAPA.

Our company Alibaba has been operating for 10 years. It participates in China's annual AAA amusement equipment exhibition, ACE exhibition, GTI exhibition, and the annual IAAPA Asia Tour, India IAAPA exhibition.

图片1.pngIAAPA2016huaqin member.jpg(since2014)

3. Learn the product sales, after-sales, other customers' feedback and pictures before ordering.

4 understand the production process, testing process

5. Ask the supplier to provide equipment work video before shipment

6. Purchase Transportation Insurance during transportation Process

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