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Feedback Of Prince Motorcycle From Brisil
Jan 17, 2018

Our Prince Motorcycle, from research and development to sales in the amusement device market, has more than 2 years experience and become more and more popular,feedback from customer is that both adults and children love to ride our prince moto, in the square / mall / park, look very cool.Let's take a look at the unique features of our Prince Motorcycle.


1. The product design and materials

Prince  Motorcycle is the original product of our company,Guangzhou HuaQin, streamlined body design seems very handsome & fashion. LED lights will flashing and attractive,it will play the music and motorcycle sound effect , shocking the audience!

Phillips Hua Qin customized speaker brings realism sound and imported bright waterproof LED light bar is so shocking the audience, firmly grasp the public eye.

2. Practical skills and play

Turn the main switch on the top of the display and use the remote control to activate the device. With imported Hall throttle handle from Taiwan, motorcycle will go forward while pulling the handle in"Hum hum" roar. 

There is also a speed control button below the right handle, the brake system uses electronic brake in Drum brake . And pull the right handlebar can also be whistle, playing way is quite convenient.

3. The device uses 12864LCD LCD display, you can display the running time and power display and volume display.

4. Product specifications:

 Size: 1400 * 500 * 620mm

 Maximum power: 320W, working voltage: DC24V

 Charging time: charges 12 hours in the first time; normal charge 8 hours

 Battery life: normal operating time of 5 hours, operating time  are different due to the use of  different ways

 Net weight: 60KG, the maximum load weight: 125KG

 Running speed: fast 5km / h; medium speed 5km / h; slow 3.6km / h

 We have other styles, details, please consult us!


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