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Children's Playground Project In Dalian, Liaoning Province
Jun 14, 2018

A children's playground project in Dalian, Liaoning Province is a playground equipment purchased from Huaqin Amusement, including a number of plaza walking robots, multiple amusement princes motorcycles and multiple music lebar car and other equipment.


On the day of the opening of the park, our Hua Qin Iron Man has become a bright spot. Its tall and mighty image and equipped with high-tech elements draw many people to stop and watch.

Yes, the Square Walking Robots Iron Man is one of the main products and independently developed by our company in 2016. Its tall image, streamlined design, and numerous high-tech elements have been introduced to the market appeared in various squares, amusement parks, and scenic spots in the country.


Our square robot not only considers the visual effects and playability of the customers in the design, but also adopts the internal design of the product, including the adoption of various accessories, and repeatedly tests to ensure that the machine is always accessible.

Nowadays, for the sake of development, we have not forgotten the protection of the environment. For this reason, our company actively responds to the call of the country. In our development and design of any amusement equipment product, we take into account the protection of the environment. Not only do all products use environmentally friendly materials, In the design above is also to eliminate waste, redundant things are removed.

Perfect after-sales service is an important part of a company's long-term management. For this reason, we have a perfect after-sales service, because we always pursue the product is the premise, service is our focus, to let Every customer who supports us feels that they are worth doing.

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