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Amusement Battery Space Ship Riding Car From Different Clients
Jun 22, 2018

Amusement battery space ship riding car from different clients

This equipment is my company's latest self-develop bumper car amusement equipment - spacecraft, designed with space theme , is a very popular ride. 

The whole set of equipment is made of the fiberglass material and hardware. Its beautiful shape and mellow visual experience can attract young children to ride. Running with pleasant music, making the ride more fun is more attractive for players.

After 14 years of hard work, Huaqin Amusement Equipment has been stabilizing. The current independent research and development team has developed steadily. The space ship bumper car series includes space ship I-generation bumper cars, space ship II-generation bumper cars, and space ship series bumper cars for children and other versions.

space ship 1 130.jpg

    space ship I-generation bumper cars

Bumper car uses natural rubber anti-collision ring fusion extreme craftsmanship, with anti-collision, anti-skid, shock absorption, corrosion resistance and other features, the use of atmospheric masonry lamps expectancy of life is up to 100,000 hours, in some versions also equipped with laser battle system, take advantage of Effortlessly turn, allowing you to do whatever you like. Smart control of the headlights, easy to create a space war atmosphere, and equipped with a shocking dynamic sound system, the simulation environment is more realistic.


space ship II-generation bumper cars(kids version)

Its styling is welcomed by the market and favored by the players. Thanks to the feedback from customers who create voluntarily designed high-end game center, operating plans and promotion for our space ship. 


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