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A Super Exciting Excavator Competition Game Will Be Held All Over World Soon,let's Achieve It Together!
Dec 08, 2017

As the life is better and better, people arebecome more and more demanding for the quality of life,we will spend more time for amusement and have a higher ability for their consumption , more and more amusement equipment come out to our daily life.

Our company also devote to this industrial, as a R&D company, every year,every season, we will have several good and novel machines for new market.

Digging machine becomes kids amusement market most digging benefits machine

Amusement equipment is more and more popular in our life,in mall/commercial piazza.

Recently, Excavator game machine is also gradually popular, and attracted many players. Can digging machine earn money? Let’s see it!



For amusement equipment business, location make a very important influence on it. It’s better to choose some famous places for recreation.


In these places, customer consumption ability and willingness are relatively high, belonging to high-quality customers.

Most of them are willing to spend money for their children and every amusement equipment investors know that the child is the most easy to earn money, so the investment in these leisure places for digging machine, money is not a problem. 


After location , also need a good service, business will get better and better, Only good service, can really achieve people flow for the whole playground..



Then, How much it will take for digging machine in first period investment?

About the rental,  for example, 8 square meter indoor ,it’s about $500/month, 2 workers (their salary is about $1000), and the cost of products is USD5380, import fee is USD3000, gifts purchase is USD200,totally in USD10000.

Profit analyze:

5mins for one game, USD10/player, 6 hours business time /day, 6 players/hour(one competition game in one hour), day profit is USD360, month profit is USD10800.

10 mins for one game,USD15/players,6 hours business time/day,6players/hour, day profit is USD540, month profit is USD16200.


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