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Le bar car on Bulatan Amanjaya plaza in Malaysia
Oct 23, 2017

Bulatan Amanjaya , a biggest Playground located in the center of Malaysia,Covers an area of 18 acres ,located in front of Casuarina Hotel, built by PKNP.


There will be crowds at night, especially on weekends and holidays, families ,lovers, friends will come here to share fun ,the best places for them to go for a walk and relax.

Of course, It is indispensable to have the most popular Le bar car in such a good place to take fun for players.


The local largest TV has reported that every night ,on Bulatan Amanjaya plaza, the players are very satisfied to ride Le bar car , Le bar car project is very good for relaxation and family or friends fun , bring high revenue to business owner . Because of this ,owner started to order more rides from the China supplier (Guangzhou Huaqin Playground equipment Co.,ltd)


Please watch the TV report via YouTube link as below: