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8 New Items Lauched On 2018 GTI Expo, Lets See !
Sep 20, 2018

8 New Items Lauched On 2018 GTI Expo

Guangzhou GTI is expo industrial big amusement expo , and it will collect all amusement equipment supplier in all kinds , include  big ride, like  Ferris wheel , Roller Coaster, project design for park and app for game park management.

The expo is held one time in Septemper in one year, for over 10 years, so they are so popular in this industrial abroad ,many clients from European ,America, Asia get the newest equipment infomation for their own park or their local market.

Here we would like to introduce our new items for Setp.2018 GTI expo:

1. Carp Flying riding. Most popular kiddie ride and hot order on expo:

carp flying.jpg

2, Newest Educational equipment for children: Treasure digger equipment


3,Lunxury Magic Horse riding, especially for park , will be a special view for passagers:

magic luxury horse riding.jpg

4. QQ swordsman, cute design, rotating fan decoration, most attractive moment for kids


5. Time warships, super cool with the new out shape design


6. Space capsule, the most meterious equipment in park, let's enjoy the space riding!

space capsule.jpg

7. Le bar X (Happy x )- best swing for you and me, share with you the happy memory!


8.Whirlwind (Note: drift vehicle) - Boys favorite vehicle

wherl wing.jpg

Welcome to inquire the detailed info and price, we will supply you our best solution !