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2018 New And Interesting Game Machine In Sneak Peak
Jan 06, 2018

Guangzhou Hua Qin Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd., is a manufacturer with  own R & D capability, entered the amusement equipment industry for 14 years in 2018.

The first business mode is to do mini swing machine, and now mainly specialized in riding type battery amusement equipment, both indoor and outdoor can run, player is

suitable to 1 adult 1 child for parent-child riding game in simple operation, just need tocontrol 2 rockers, all of our joysticks are Taiwan OMRON brand accessories.

So 2018, we will bring what kind of novel and interesting products? Let's walk in front of the trend in sneak peek, you are the biggest winner.

New products 2018.jpg

1. Baby VR

Now VR is very hot,they mainly appeared on the market in adult version, the video content is too exciting, but in the amusement park, children are also the main consumer,

So we designed a cute baby vr with a decent, meaningful video content, combined with an interesting swing machine to give kids a different experience.

2.Airplane riding game machine

At a very young age, the pilot is the dream of almost all boys, let us sit on this cute little airplane riding machine , riding bravely on land

There will be many enchanting eyes of a little girl fans to you.

3.Excavator competitive game

Excavator game machine is a totally new game on the market that can be operated the game by the children themselves, as well as parent-child activities to increase the ambience of the event.

The game is a scoring game, magic gift will be more attractive for kids.

4 parent-child motorcycle

Cool lights, beautiful appearance, let's take your babies/your honey to go sightseeing.

5. Motorboat

 When we see the sea motorboat  we feel very cool and exciting, you also want to show their invincible charm?

Now there are new models of motor boats, can walk on land, can be used as bumper cars, handsome and exciting game, you do not want to try?

For more detailed information, please consult us!