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Happy Le Bar Car Rides

Happy Le Bar Car Rides As a high-tech product, 201 8 happy le ba r car rides is flexible and safe to attract kids’ and adults’ attention at first glance. H appy le ba r car rides can carry two passengers once, full of warmth and enjoyment. With charging time of 8-10 hours, the leisure car can...


Happy Le Bar Car Rides

As a high-tech product, 2018 happy le bar car rides is flexible and safe to attract kids’ and adults’ attention at first glance.

Happy le bar car rides can carry two passengers once, full of warmth and enjoyment.

With charging time of 8-10hours, the leisure car can travel 7-8 hours continuously. Shocking music and LED lights of the leswing car ride will enhance joyful atmosphere of theme park.
Interesting design, comfortable seats with safety belts, there is no limitation for ages,it can go forward and backward/turn left and right by only joystick.

Use Variable frequency electric motor controllers made in Taiwan, with 360 degree rotation function, LED lights, timing, counting and other Management devices.  Maximum load is 200kgs (2 persons).



How does happy le bar car rides work?                                 

Theme park le bar car’s operated by remote control, every machine we set its number matching with remote control, and when you need to play it,

it just press the number on remote control, the machine can be rode in a limited game time you set ,then the machine will stop riding.

Player can go forward /go back/turn left/turn right with joystick, change music / speed of happy le bar car rides.


Where happy le bar car rides are suitable for?  

happy car show.jpg  

OEM Design service:



1. 1. When can I get the quotation?
We usually receive your inquiry within 24 hours. If you are very urgent, please call or email us,

 and we will give priority to inquiries.

2. How can we know the product quality?
You can send what you want to know by sending email to us so that you can have a thorough

understanding of the product information. Of course, the quality of our products is very good.

3.What is the delivery time for large orders?
It depends on the quantity of your order and the season of the order. Generally speaking,

10-15days. we would suggest that you make an earlier enquiry.

4.How about the warranty?

1year warranty for motherboard and 6months for other spare parts.




2.Battery life:8-10H                                        

3.Charging time:10-12H




7.Players:2 players


9.Radar systems to protect players


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