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Battery operation instruction
Oct 27, 2017

1. Safety warning: Pls keep the battery from heat or fire. It is not allowed to be exposed under sunlight for longtime.


2. Outlook checking:If the battery shell is broken or leaked with liquid,pls change the battery at once.the Liquid is acid, so if skin or clothes are stained with this liquid,pls wash with fresh water immediately.


3. Charging time: In order to keep a long term usage of battery, first time charging must be 12Hours.From second time charging, it is 8-10hours. Reminder: Pls make sure machine power is cut off before charging.


4. Charging signal:After you connect the charger wih charging plug, the both lights will becomes red. After charging finished, there is 1 green light. If after 10 hours charging,the light is still not turning green or the battery becomes very hot,pls disconnect the charging plug immediately and contact with us.It is forbidden to charge battery again if above situation occured. If there is no 2 red lights during charging,pls check the fuse tube is broken or not.


5. Battery Replacement: please choose the storage battery which is in suitable capacity and the same specification .First step, cut the power,then open the battery box . please take out the red dot line and blue dot line which is connected to the battery. The red line means positive pole, the blue one means negative pole. then take out the battery. During installation of the batteries , Make sure the red line connect to the red dot on battery, the black line connect to the blue dot on battery.pls use a red line to connect the two batteries. One side of the red line, pls connect to blue dot on battery, the other side of the red line, pls connect to red dot on the other battery. When battery replacing is finished, please check the connecting line is correct or not. If all is ok, then lock the battery box by screwing all metal tape.

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