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Amusement industry exhibition general information
Mar 22, 2018
  1. IAAPA( The International association of amusement park and attractions) is the world biggest amusement industry association. it organize 3 expo every year in Asian,European countries and USA.

    For Asian expo,the expo place is changing every year. Hongkong will be the place for 2018 expo.

    For European expo,the expo place changes every year also.2018 Expo will be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    For USA expo, the expo place is fixed in Orlando,USA every November.

    As member of IAAPA, Guangzhou Huaqin playground equipment Co.,ltd Attended Asian expo 2017 in Singapore.please check details on huaqin expo.

  2. GTI Asia expo held in Guangzhou,China every March or April.

  3. AAE expo held in Beijing, China every March.

  4. RAAPA Expo for Russia market.

  5. IAAPI Expo for India market held in Mumbai.

  6. DEAL Expo in Dubai every April. Mainly for Middle east market.

Every year, Guangzhou huaqin will attend GTI ,AAE and from 2018, Huaqin will attend IAAPI expo.

please check details on huaqin expo.

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