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Robotic Entertainment Rides

Robotic Entertainment Rides

Chinese supplier for Amusement battery riding machines, main products:Walking robot sereis,Happy car series,Soace ship bumper car series,motorcycle series,Maigc horse riding machine,cake car kiddie ride,beach buggy,F1 racer! Manufacturing,R&D, EXPORT BUSINESS

Robotic Entertainment Rides

New machines since 2017,Designed,Developed ,Produced by Guangzhou Huaqin Co.,Ltd!

Directly factory price without any commission ,agent fee!

Kids love it at their first sight for the machines, the belowed picture is on the spot of our expo!

Stong fiberglass material and heavy bearing weight for kids,even an adult.

Easy way to Management,smart operated way: remote control, there are different number we set on the machines, 

you just need to press the macines number in 8 meters .

Good business come from good products

OEM Design service:


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