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Parent-child Amusement Robot Ride

Parent-child Amusement Robot Ride

Chinese supplier for Amusement battery riding machines, main products:Walking robot sereis,Happy car series,Soace ship bumper car series,motorcycle series,Maigc horse riding machine,cake car kiddie ride,beach buggy,F1 racer! Manufacturing,R&D, EXPORT BUSINESS

Parent-child amusement robot ride



Color Optional


Game start way

Turn on the button switch ,and use remote control to start

Game operation way

Joystick to control direction

Game Time

Factory normal setting time is 5mins, if need adjust,please inform the sales


Con Riding Voice and 1 SD card for music



Charging Time

Normal :10H

Fiberglass material: Use imported resin and glass fiber, surface is polishing treatment with imported paint mixed with silver powder,  adding spray oil after spray paint to make the surface shiny and smooth .

Hardware: stainless steel + High temperature baking paint 

Battery: Original made from South Korea 12V40ah *2 large volume lead acid battery

Joystick: Taiwan brand JA joystick

Motherboard: Huaqin self-developed brand


Radar function:

When the front and back radar of the machine senses obstacles in front or behind, the machine will stop and send corresponding alarm sounds. In this case, the machine can only drive in the direction without obstacles.

Battle function:

Press the red launch button of the joystick handle, the two laser heads in front of the machine table can emit two lasers. When the laser shoots the receiving plate at the rear of another machine, the machine being shot in the machine will send out corresponding Alarm tone (best distance for shooting is about 4 meters)

Our OEM Design service:


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