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Kids Happy Car 2nd Generation

Kids Happy Car 2nd Generation

Chinese supplier for Amusement battery riding machines, main products:Walking robot sereis,Happy car series,Soace ship bumper car series,motorcycle series,Maigc horse riding machine,cake car kiddie ride,beach buggy,F1 racer! Manufacturing,R&D, EXPORT BUSINESS

Kids happy car 2nd generation


1.360 degree rotation.

2.360 degree all-round intelligent rocker.

3.Ergonomic structural seat.

4.Colorful LED lights, music system.

5.Card reader function.

6.Durable battery.


1. Start : remote control, easy control

2. Please fasten your seatbelts for your own safety.Push rocker forward the machine running forward, rocker driving back the machine back,rocker rotate the machine to which sides, the machine rotating the same ways.Clockwise rocker, the machine will also be clockwise rotate 360 °

3. Playing time for 5 to 30 minutes, can be setting.

4. Shoot other machines/laser reciever board with pistol 

5. This game can play by 1 kids / 2 kids/ 1 adult with one kid

A good funny product bring you a high profit and people flow for your game center, more info and video ,please leave message to us !

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