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Amusement Park Happy Car 2

Amusement Park Happy Car 2

Chinese supplier for Amusement battery riding machines, main products:Walking robot sereis,Happy car series,Soace ship bumper car series,motorcycle series,Maigc horse riding machine,cake car kiddie ride,beach buggy,F1 racer! Manufacturing,R&D, EXPORT BUSINESS

Amusement Park happy car 2 is a new version riding equipment , fun with friends !

Parameter of happy car 2:

Game start way: remote control, every equipment have their own machines set in the board , if want to start the game, just press the number of machines with remote control!

Direction control way: Joystick to turn left/right, go forward and backward.

Game time can set from 1 min to 99 mins by owner.

Funny and more interactive game is our main target for the new market, and help our clients'business profit is covered back !

More info and game management are welcome to inquire!

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