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Amusement Park Bumper Car Motorboat

Because of its shape, we also call motorbike bumper car,inflatable bumper car. bumper car motorboat is no need special floors or ceilings. They can run onto almost all kinds of surfaces such as tile, asphalt, concrete, wood, any smooth floor. It can be used for indoor and outdoor. So we also call indoor bumper car or outdoor bumper. bumper car motorboat is suitable for amusement park,theme park,game center, so we also call amusement park bumper car, theme park bumper car, game center bumper car. And for most of children and adults, the special and cute appearance of inflatable bumper cars makes them want to have a try.

Amusement Park Bumper Car Motorboat

Product description of amusement park bumper car motorboat :

Bumper car motorboat is a breakthrough in the traditional bumper car, the motorcycle and the bumper car elements of the organic combination, once to meet the two amusement equipment enthusiasts experience.

Bumper car motorboat can carry up to 2 people play, is suitable for indoor and outdoor, flat ground, need to pay attend to is to avoid the use of water and high temperature.

Feature of amusement park bumper car motorboat :

The appearance of the device is cool, and the body is highlighted with waterproof LED strips and light plates. Philips' custom-made high-bass and dual-speaker sound effects are realistic and the drainage effect is immediate.

There are no dead angles in the machine's operation, and it can continuously rotate in front, back, left, right and forward directions.

Supports multi-machine collisions and interactive play, with rich play styles and more fun.


Specifications of amusement park bumper car motorboat :

Size: 1880*1255*950mm

Maximum power: 350W, working voltage: DC24V

Charging time: charge for 12 hours three times before first use; normal charge for 10 hours

Net weight: 85KG, maximum load weight: 100KG

Operating speed: Maximum speed: 8km/h.


Q1How many coins for each game?

A: This machines can set coin box or remote control.In China,people usually set $4-5 for one person to play 5 minutes each time.

Q2: If I can replace battery for the Motorboat ride?

A:Sure,it’s easy to do that.From the front to open the entire cover, take pictures to record the original docking dock, replace the battery


Q3:What free spare parts you will offer for the Motorboat ride?

A :Fuse、three block power switch、relay.


Q4:How long the life of the Motorboat ride?

A:It’s according to the maintenance of product, generally speaking it’s about 3-5 years.

  1. Size:187*122*90cm                                                     

  2.  Voltage:24V                     

  3. power:350W                                 

  4. Weight:200kg                            

  5. bearing:150kg                            

  6. Working time:6 hours                 

  7. Charge time:8-10 hours                  

  8. battery:40A/2PCS  

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